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The Wolves of Yellowstone: Legacy, Legend, and Recovery

Premiered March 9, 2005

Explore Yellowstone with Aspen and Grady. What will you encounter? Where will go to find the wolves? What will it be like to see a wolf in the wild? What sounds will you hear? What rules will you follow? What will be your opinions about wolf restorations in the park?

This 75-minute program, with its storybook attributes, was designed to appeal to the senses and to give light to the power of place. Beautiful photographs and detailed audio descriptions will engage both visual and audio learners. This trip is well suited for a multidisciplinary, team-teaching presentation.

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    Resource experts were available to answer questions March 9-11, 2005. Questions and answers remain accessible after the message board has been deactivated.

    Trip Background
    Two children, fascinated with wolves, leave Georgia and fly across the county to visit their grandparents on a ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. They embrace the traditions of ranch life, recite and interpret wolf legends, participate in a “wolf talk,” and camp under the night skies of Yellowstone. Eventually their dream comes true when they experience wolves in the wild.

    In the course of this eTrip, students will learn why gray wolves were eradicated in Yellowstone National Park decades ago and why wolves were returned to the park in 1995. Teachers should explain to their students that only ten years have elapsed since wolves were returned to the park—too short a time to determine the full impact of this animal’s restoration on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. On-going studies continue to search for the answer.

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    This eTrip has a number of features designed to accommodate people who have disabilities, such as visual and hearing impairments. Check out the Accessibility Page to learn more.

    A wolf lies in the snow, looking straight at you.
    Grandma and Grandpa meet Aspen and Grady at the airport.
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    Funding for this trip was provided by Canon U.S.A., Inc., through The Yellowstone Park Foundation.