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Electronic Field Trip
On the Scene of the Yellowstone Hotspot

Premiered February 9, 2005
Newsflash! This just in: our sources report a fast-breaking story in Yellowstone National Park. Geysers, earthquakes, and shifting shorelines in Yellowstone Lake have prompted ace reporters to investigate the real story behind the Yellowstone scenes. Join our team as they “scoop the news” on the Yellowstone hotspot!

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Ask an Expert Message Board
Resource experts were available to answer questions from February 9 through 11, 2005. Questions and answers remain accessible after the message board has been deactivated.

Trip Background
This field trip focuses on past volcanism at Yellowstone National Park and explores the effects of the Yellowstone hotspot upon the park's present landscape.

System Requirements
This trip is available in both high and low bandwidth versions. If you are not sure which version to attend, click here to find out how to attend an electronic field trip.

Teacher Information
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National Science Foundation logo. Visit the NSF website. This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.0307709
Yellowstone Park Foundation logo. Visit the Foundation's website. Funding for this trip was provided by generous grants to the Yellowstone Park Foundation.
A Special Thanks
ParKids’ t-shirts and hats were provided through a generous grant to the Yellowstone Park Foundation from Neal, Linda, and Laurie Rhoads in Memory of Katie Rhoads.