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Inspector Thermopolis has a gray hat and a monacle. He is the head of the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries' Advanced Microbiology Research Team. His experience is classified. Captain Macro is wearing a blue hat, and is a commander in the National Marine Service. He has ten years experience navigating the world's oceans, and he was ranked the highest in his class. Doctor Bailey Bacillus has short black hair, and is wearing glasses. She is the Senior Microbiologist of the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries. She has consulted in various parts of the world doing thermal studies on microbes and prehistoric fossils.
There are a number of temperature gauges that describe the environment outside the submarine. There is a biological indicator, a temperature gauge, an oxygen gauge, a pH meter, and a chemical energy sensor. Their current readings are: Bio, none. Temperature, 20 degrees Celcius. Oxygen, 1X. pH, 7. Chemical energy, none.
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Welcome aboard our submarine, Captain Macro. I’m Inspector Thermopolis of the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries or “YMM.” Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Pleased to meet you, Inspector. I’m curious to know why a submarine is sitting here at a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park--and for that matter, why I’ve been asked to report to it.

Serious business, I’m afraid. May I introduce Dr. Bailey Bacillus? BB is one of our top consultants in the field of microbiology.

Pleased to meet you, Dr. Bacillus.

microbiologythe study of microscopic organisms
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