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The page has a number file folders open.  The tab on the top one reads: The Mystery of the Missing Elk. In this folder are 3 other folders... thier tabs read: Previous, Next, Notes.  Click the previous tab to go back a page, or the next tab to move forward.  The folder with the Notes tab contains the images and text for this tour.
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Black and white sketch of the Director of the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries. Experience includes 10 years with Scotland Yard. He also has read every Sherlock Holmes book ever written. Eat or Be Eaten
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Inspector Director:
"May I have your attention, please! I'm Inspector Director, and yes, my name really is 'Director.' I work for the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries, or YMM. Our mission is to solve questions, puzzles, riddles, enigmas, and conundrums found in Yellowstone National Park. You're all here because you're experts on wildlife found in the park's Hayden Valley, and I need your talents to solve a special mystery. At this time, I would like you to introduce yourselves."

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Black and white polaroid photos of the investigation team
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