Electronic Field Trip
To Eat Or Be Eaten
Premiered March 10, 2004
Focus your "private eye" on Yellowstone and discover a real "who done it!" Eavesdrop on a special sleuthing team as they snoop for clues in the form of tracks, disturbed ground, abandoned bones, and blood stains. Learn their methods as the investigators pool their expertise on predators, discuss the latest tracking techniques, and decide who’s eating who in Hayden Valley. Can you solve the mystery of the missing elk before they do?

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Ask an Expert Message Board
Resource experts were available to answer questions from March 10-12, 2004. Questions and answers remain accessible after the message board has been deactivated.

Trip Background
This trip highlights predator/prey relationships and tracking techniques in Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley.

System Requirements
This trip is available in both high and low bandwidth versions. Not sure which version to attend? Click here to find out how to attend an electronic field trip.

Teacher Information
Visit the For Teachers pages to access lesson plans, web links, and more!

Photograph of Doctor Elkie Bisonne. It is in black and white, and she is wearing a feather in her hat.

Photos of other investigators, including Doctor Ermine Underhill, Doctor Latran Lupus, and Doctor Barry Grizblack. Underhill has large front teeth, Lupus has a very large smile, and Grizblack has a large black beard.
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Funding for this trip was provided by Canon U.S.A., Inc., through The Yellowstone Park Foundation.

A Special Thanks
ParKids t-shirts and hats were provided through a generous grant to the Yellowstone Park Foundation from the Katie L. Rhoads Memorial Fund of The Greater Harrisburg Foundation, Harrisburg, PA.