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For the Visually-Impaired

• There is an audio-only version of the program that does not require a screen reader. It provides a much more engaging version of the program than a screen reader can provide and includes brief descriptions of the graphics, along with the script narration, read by professional voices.

Low-bandwidth audio-only version
for Windows Media Player   for RealPlayer 
Where the Bison Roam   Where the Bison Roam
Download free players:   Windows Media Player | RealPlayer

• While the high-bandwidth version can be navigated with a screen reader, the audio will start playing as soon as each page loads. This makes the low-bandwidth version far preferable for use by screen readers.

• The low-bandwidth version has no audio and is the recommended version for screen reader users.

• The text on both the low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth versions can be enlarged for increased readability.

For the Hearing-Impaired

• The high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth versions have text available. The text in the high-bandwidth version can be hidden or displayed.

• Links to all of the transcripts for individual video clips are provided.